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Income Investors

With the base rate frozen at 0.5 per cent since 2009, investors and savers have had to work harder to generate a decent income on their cash.

Money Observer regularly explores the different ways investors can get a better income from their portfolios – from dividends and retail bonds to commercial property and peer-to-peer lending. We reveal the pros and cons of different routes, whether they’re suitable for high or low risk investors and the typical fees attached.

Articles include top 10 dividend-growing companies, 30 shares to boost your income and in-depth guides to retail bonds. We also dig deeper than other publications to find interesting income opportunities in preference shares and subordinated bonds.

In the retirement space, we highlight the various ways to secure a higher income from your pension, through annuities or drawdown.

Money Observer runs several hypothetical income portfolios that use shares, exchange traded funds and active funds to generate a high level of income. Readers are kept up-to-date with how the portfolios are performing and reasons for any changes in the holdings.

Other great benefits include:

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